How to Choose the Right Glass Railing System

Glass railings are a great way of adding style and security to your home. They can be used in many different ways, from protecting children or pets on stairs to creating an elegant look for your front door. But how do you know which type is best suited to your needs? Here’s our guide to choosing the perfect glass railing system for your home.

Decide is what size balcony you have


The first thing that you need to decide before purchasing any glass railing systems is whether they will fit into your existing space. If you’re looking at installing one onto a small balcony, there won’t be much room for maneuver, so make sure that you measure out where you want it installed and check if this will work with your current layout. You may also find that some types of glass railing systems require additional supports such as brackets or posts. These are usually included in the price, but they could add extra cost depending on their design.

Consider the height of your balcony

If you don’t already own a set of balustrade steps, then you’ll probably need to buy these separately too. This means that you’ll need to take into account both the width and length of your balcony. The most common sizes are 3m wide by 2m long and 4m wide by 2m high. However, you might prefer something smaller than this if you only have limited floor space available. It’s important to remember that the higher you go, the more difficult it becomes to access the top step. So think about how tall you’d like your new glass railing to be and ensure that it fits within your budget

Consider aesthetics – but don’t forget practicality

When selecting a glass railing system resource, you’ll obviously want to pay attention to its appearance. There are plenty of options available, including traditional designs made from wood or wrought iron, modern styles using stainless steel or aluminum, and even contemporary ones featuring sleek lines and clean angles. Whatever you opt for, bear in mind that it must complement the rest of your decor rather than clash against it.

Think about safety

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Safety is always going to come first when considering anything related to your health and wellbeing. Glass balconies are very easy to fall off, and even though they are designed to prevent people from falling over them, accidents still happen all the time. Ensure that you install your glass railing correctly and use strong enough screws to keep it firmly attached to the wall. Also, make sure that you’ve got adequate handrails around the edge of the balcony to help stop anyone slipping over the side.

Don’t skimp on quality – invest wisely

The last thing you want is to spend thousands of pounds on an expensive-looking piece of kit which will soon become damaged or broken. If possible, try to find out what materials were used during production so that you can get similar products at a later date. You should also check whether there are any guarantees offered with the product before buying.

Glass railings can look great indoors too!

You can get creative with your glass railing designs and incorporate features from inside your house. For instance, you could include lights or decorative elements which would give an added touch of style. Or perhaps you’d like to replicate the appearance of wood paneling using glass instead. Whatever you do, make sure that whatever type of glass railing you purchase looks good both inside and outside your property. View Full Source.

Get expert advice before buying

When choosing any piece of glass railings for your home, it pays to seek professional advice. You may want to consider getting some quotes from different companies so that you know what kind of prices you’re likely to pay. If possible, ask friends who have installed similar products to see whether they had any problems during installation. They should also tell you whether there were any hidden costs such as additional materials required or unexpected expenses incurred.

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